vcflogo.gif (5571 bytes)    a retrospective,

Finally! I have the VCF 2.0 photos posted! (It takes a long time to process them with my Altair!)

vcf2-01.jpg (190897 bytes) Here was the door prize: An IMSAI 8080 computer with 2 8 inch drives and a terminal.

vcf2-02.jpg (128250 bytes) This is part of the buy-n-sell area. There was a very large amount of old iron (and plastic) for sale this year.

vcf2-03.jpg (96120 bytes) This is a tube based section of the Whirlwind, and a piece of core memory on display by The Computer Museum.

vcf2-04.jpg (198255 bytes) This is a reproduction in plywood of the DIGICOMP I. This copy was built by Doug Coward of the Museum of Personal Computing Machinery, with plans supplied by Tom Stepleton at

vcf2-05.jpg (116862 bytes) A longer shot of the same table, showing a SWTP 6800, Heithkit H8, an Altair 8800, and a couple of Cosmac ELF SBC's.

vcf2-06.jpg (118621 bytes) The PDP8 in the foreground was actually running. Next to it is a PET, an Apple III, and others.

vcf2-07.jpg (120179 bytes) These are a series of trainers. The big box is a Heithkit 'analog computer' trainer. Next to it as a Heithkit microprocessor trainer, a Radio Shack microcomputer trainer and more.

vcf2-08.jpg (107072 bytes) This is a whole series of bus type add-in boards, from S-100 to IBM PC, Plus a Vector 1 S-100 computer, a Cromemco and a Poly 88.

vcf2-09.jpg (117255 bytes) Here's a really rare one. This is a Digital Group computer mounted on a board with a power supply and keyboard. The tall stack is a holder for cassettes.

vcf2-10.jpg (107796 bytes) These are some of the more sought after collectable computers: an Exidy Sorcerer and a Processor Technology SOL.

vcf2-11.jpg (89574 bytes) Several 'laptop' computers. The one in the middle is a Data General 1.

vcf2-12.jpg (121419 bytes) Here's the one that everyone wants; An Apple I board. This artifact was on loan from The Computer Museum.

This was an excellent event and my hats off to Sam Ismail for all his hard work!

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