vcflogo.gif (5571 bytes)    a retrospective,

images/cfest01.jpg (65120 bytes) A Heathkit H89, a COSMAC Elf. a Super Elf and an Intertec Superbrain II

images/cfest02.jpg (71390 bytes) SWTPC 6800, 6809, a Heathkit H-8 and a Challenger 4P

images/cfest03.jpg (63148 bytes) Cromemco System One, Lobo, PMC-80, 81, Mindset

images/cfest04.jpg (69665 bytes) Altos, Processor Tech SOL, IMSAI dual 8" floppys, Paper tape reader/punch, Altair 8800 IMSAI 8080 and a Turnkey IMSAI.

images/cfest05.jpg (53277 bytes) Northstar Advantage, a Vector 1, a Compupro 8/16, Rockwell AIM-65, Laser 128EX, Matell Aquarius, Kaypro 4

images/cfest06.jpg (74551 bytes) TI 99-4a, TI terminal, Compaq, IBM PC IBM PC jr, Sanyo, Toshiba 1000, (?)

images/cfest07.jpg (65138 bytes) TRS 80 III, Apple Lisa, Apple III, Apple II (2), NeXT, and another Apple II

images/cfest08.jpg (74179 bytes) Commodore Plus/4 plus printer, SX64 Portable (I still want one of these) Commodore PET, C64, Commodore Amiga 1000, Amiga 500, (?workstation (on floor))

images/cfest09.jpg (66623 bytes) Tandy Color computer, another C64 portable, TRS 80 I, Tandy 100, C128, TRS 80 III

images/cfest10.jpg (73711 bytes) Osborne Vixen, Osborne 1 (v2) Osborne 3, Morrow Pivot, HP 9000, 85, and 86.

images/cfest11.jpg (77301 bytes) Another photo of the same systems.

images/cfest12.jpg (66291 bytes) Sinclares and a Tandem (?)

These photos were taken on the dealers area

images/cfest13.jpg (75939 bytes) Several Apple Macintosh computers

images/cfest14.jpg (78985 bytes) Novix , built by Bill Kibler of TCJ

images/cfest15.jpg (69817 bytes) An Apple II, a C64, an Osborne 1 (org. case) Tandy 100, another C64

images/cfest16.jpg (78934 bytes) Commodore PET, Kaypro 2,

images/cfest17.jpg (87061 bytes) I love this photo. This fellow pounded away for hours just to get this TRS 80 to run the display program he wanted.

images/cfest18.jpg (79465 bytes) Long shot looking west down the hall.

images/cfest19.jpg (72882 bytes) This is Ed El-Kareh of the CHAC and my friend Tom Nelson

images/cfest20.jpg (52417 bytes) Ed again, with Kip Crosby, Head of the CHAC

images/cfest21.jpg (76705 bytes) A few computer nerds cluster around an HP computer

images/cfest22.jpg (84892 bytes) Dave Baldwin, Editor of The Computer Journal (now defunct), with his Digital Group computer and Bill Kibler, former TCJ editor with his homebrew Forth box..

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